Grape Vines, Care and Maintenance for best results

Episode: 6
Title: Grape Vines, Care and Maintenance for best results
Broadcast: 23rd April
Presenter: Steve Wood

When it comes to growing quality grapes at home, there are a few secrets that we need to learn.

  • The first step is seeking out professional advice; the Swan Valley is famous for its vast wineries and grape vineyards. These professional growers are happy to share their knowledge on how to get the best results out of grapes.
  • One such vineyard, Talijancich Wines, takes great care with growing their grapes, using more traditional and organic methods like usage of natural based fertilisers.
  • The vineyard uses simple copper and sulphur sprays to treat their vines.
  • Most importantly, the soil has to be nurtured and fertile to produce great vines and delicious fruits, a malnourished soil will greatly diminish the growth of the vine.
  • Pruning is a major necessity when it comes to growing grape vines, depending in your region and climate, different methods of pruning need to be taken into account. The most common type of pruning that still produces good grapes is spur pruning.