Betsy Sue Clarke Garden

Episode: 9
Title: Betsy Sue Clarke Garden
Broadcast: October 8th
Presenter: Melissa King

Mel takes a behind the scenes look at a private garden created by one of Melbourne’s top landscape designers. This garden is a beautiful example of how a great design can soften the urban landscape.

  • Mel speaks to the talented designer behind this amazing garden, Betsy Sue Clarke.
  • They discuss what owners wanted and expected from the design, as well as the spectacular living wall.
  • We see the different types of art that has been positioned throughout the garden.
  • This is also a productive garden, with food producing plants and chickens.
  • If you want to take a sneak peak at some of Melbourne’s best gardens, head to Melbourne’s Garden Design Fest. This is just one of 30 gardens presented in the festival which runs on 12-13 November and 19-20 November. The proceeds go to charity and you get a chance to see Melbourne’s best gardens.