Gardens of Many Nations: South American Garden

Episode: 9
Title: Gardens of Many Nations: South American Garden
Broadcast: October 8th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

This week on Ruck’s Global Tour, Nigel visits and shows us the stand out plants at a classic North American garden and an interesting South American paradise at Fagan Park in Sydney.

  • Nigel shows us the classic North American woodland style house with weatherboards and a complimenting garden. He shows us the vincas, which make an excellent ground cover with their green leaves and beautiful flowers.
  • Arriving in South America, Nigel shows us mass planting of agave, easily the most popular species grown in Australia. Agave grows best in full sun with reliable drainage.
  • If you have the room, the philodendrons make a bold statement with their beautiful tropical look and bromiliads are an excellent landscaping plant, which come in all different colours. Grow them on the floor or in the trees because they are an epiphyte.