Living Picture Frames

Episode: 3
Title: Living Picture Frames
Broadcast: Sunday Nov 20th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

One of the easiest ways to grow edible and waterwise plants at home, particularly if you’re in a small garden, is on a vertical wall. Trev shows us how to create an innovative living picture frame project at home.

  • A living wall can provide all sorts of edible plants because you keep them up off the ground away from hungry mouths. Best of all, when it’s up away from the pests it means you don’t have to spray any chemicals on your edibles.
  • The things you’re going to need are:
  • Two sheets of 50ml wire mesh, one with folded up edges and the other flat. Cable tie weed mat to the mesh and join the wire mesh together on one side.
  • The soil Trev uses is a combination of Cocopeat which is incredible in holding water
  • Strawberry plants, certified virus indexed which means they’re going to produce the best quality fruit.
  • Add the cocopeat to the frame along with Troforte Rejuvin8r.
  • Trevor adds an irrigation system set within the frame, which will water direct into the soil and the roots and reduce evaporation.
  • Cable tie the outside down nice and firm and cut into the weed mat to plant the strawberries in.
  • What a sensational way to grow your own strawberries, looks great and no chemicals needed!

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