SMRC - Recycle Right

Episode: 3
Title: SMRC
Broadcast: Sunday Nov 20th 2016
Presenter: Steve Wood

Sometimes it’s hard to know how we as individuals can make a difference in this crazy fast moving world. There’s one thing for sure though, if we get our recycling right we can make a serious contribution to the planet. Steve shows us tips on how to recycle right.

  • Every year, each person produces in WA produces around 1.6 tonnes of household waste and whilst recycling is a fantastic way to ensure things you no longer need are put to good use, it’s better to avoid waste in the first place and there are a few easy ways for you to do that.  Steve gives us a few hints.
  • Whilst plastic can be quite a durable, lightweight product, it can take hundreds of years to break down and many of us don’t realise just how much of it we end up using in our day to day lives. Steve shows us some items we can use instead and things we can consider.
  • It is estimated that household food waste costs Australian households over $8 billion every year, so instead of having to throw out that sad looking lettuce, or that spinach that has gone soggy, consider other things you could do with the leftovers such as helping your garden grow by using a compost bin or worm farm.
  • There are many misconceptions about what can and can’t go into your household bins, thankfully, Recycle Right has created an app that provides you with everything you need to help you reduce, reuse and recycle correctly.
  • Whilst it is important to reduce your waste, some things can’t be avoided and it’s important to make sure you do the right thing to ensure they are recovered correctly.
  • For information on how you can do your bit, including how to download the app, fact sheets, book a tour to see what happens to your waste, check out the virtual tours and lots more information, visit

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