Perth Zoo

Episode: 4
Title: Perth Zoo
Broadcast: Sunday Nov 27th 2016
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

The role of the Perth Zoo has changed dramatically over the years. Nowadays it’s not simply an encounter with the natural world, it’s a unique learning resource for conservation and environmental sustainability. Chrissy shows us some of the water saving processes adopted by Perth Zoo.

  • The Perth Zoo is currently in its final stages of  a $11.9 million integrated water management project. Every bit of the water used at the Zoo is being audited so, once completed, the water use at the Zoo will be reduced by around 50%.
  • Perth Zoo staff can control irrigation, check for leaks and breaks with the touch of a button, from their iPad or mobile phone.
  • Last year Perth Zoo upgraded all taps and faucets in its buildings, bathrooms and kitchens, to the latest 6 star water efficiency units. Public washrooms use push button taps and/or motion sensors.
  • The Zoo is currently undertaking an audit of all sprinklers to measure flow rates and allow exact quantities of water to be dosed out to different garden zones not to mention the use of bore water filling the numerous artificial lakes around the site.
  • The installation of five public drink bottle refill stations provide filtered water to  Zoo visitors and have flowed a total volume of 200,000 litres! (Equivalent to 120,000 water bottles).

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