Waldecks Melville

Episode: 6
Title: Waldecks Melville
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 11th 5:30pm
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

When it comes to getting gardening advice, garden centers are a first stop for most people and Trev shows us a great nursery south of the river in Perth. This nursery has been servicing the southern corridor with pristine plants and horticultural advice for over 30 years.

  • Lightweight pots are a great alternative to the traditional clay or stone pots because they are ideal for balconies and decks. Trev shows us fiberglass pots, which come in an array of bright colours and stunning neutral tones with many shapes and sizes.
  • Known and enjoyed for centuries by indigenous Australians, native limes are now hugely popular with the domestic gardener through to the professional chef. Citrus Gems are tolerant of a wide range of conditions and suited to both pots and the garden and tolerant of frost and dry conditions.
  • Waldecks have a new Herb range, which are tasty mid sized herbs in bright 13cm green pots, which are great size to get you started in the garden. Plant straight into your vegie patch and enjoy on your pizzas salads.
  • Waldecks Liquid Fertiliser is an organically based liquid fertiliser that is microbial so it feeds your plants and the soil. It also contains Molasses and this unique blend creates a well-balanced food for your garden.
  • Golden Cane Palms are a decorative and very hardy clustering palm with yellow stems and green arching leaves suitable for the garden or great in pots on the patio orPrincess Lilies have become famed for their compact habit, bountiful flowering and surprisingly tough nature. Their strength lies below the surface in their rhizome root structure, which stores nutrients and moisture and they flower up to nine months of the year.

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