Being Waterwise in Summer - Outdoors

Episode: 6
Title: Being Waterwise in Summer - Outdoors
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 11th 5:30pm
Presenter: Chrissy Morissey

In summer we can never be reminded enough just how important it is to be waterwise out in the garden, especially when the average household uses 40% of its water outside! Chrissy shows us how to be waterwise outdoors.

  • Summer means a watering roster, so remember to check your watering days on the Water Corporation website, and only water once on your rostered day.
  • Make sure you only use your sprinklers on your rostered days, and only once a day either before 9am or after 6pm, when your plants can make the best use of the water.
  • If your irrigation system is challenging you, check out the Water Corporation website to find a Waterwise Service Provider near you.
  • One of the biggest users of water outdoors is your garden. Make sure you apply a soil wetter, keep the watering short, apply a slow release fertiliser, and if possible, provide shade or windbreaks as this will help reduce  evaporation.
  • When washing your car at home wash it on the lawn. All that water gets recycled. Just make sure you grab some eco-friendly cleaning products, and wash the car less often!
  • Washing pavers with a hose is a thing of the past. Use a broom.
  • We love to relax around our backyard pools in summertime, but be sure to use a pool cover to avoid evaporation, and wasting water when not in use.
  • Of course a waterwise verge will save you water and time and there are some really great examples of waterwise verges on The Garden Gurus website and useful information on the Water Corporation’s website.

Water Corporation
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