Kanga Attachments

Episode: 2
Title: Kanga Attachments
Broadcast: Mar 25
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Do you enjoy moving soil? Well, using the right equipment to contour, landscape, move larger soil or mulch is a necessity and that’s where this Australian invention comes in handy.

  • The range of attachments is enormous. Trev was amazed at what the Kanga can actually do!
  • Connecting attachments to the machine is mostly standard procedure for all. Trev shows us how to do this.
  • Buckets are a 4 in 1 – this makes sculpting the landscape surface easy. It’s brilliant from moving materials from one point to another and loading or unloading soil and mulch
  • Whenever you landscape a new property you’ll be adding irrigation. That means long channels to be dug. Kanga have a trenching attachment that allows channels to be dug easily across long distances for cables or wood etc.
  • One of the handiest of all attachments for a gardener is a rotary tiller, which turns the top 10 centremeters of soil over, thoroughly aerating in the same process. This is vital for a healthy, highly productive soil.
  • If you’re fencing, building a pagoda or holes into the ground for infrastructure, the auger is an amazing tool to have handy. This allows easy attachment and simple control. There’s different sizes also available.
  • The machine can be fitted with a multitool bar with forks, ripper and a tow hitch, which means you can move things such as trailers around your property easily.
  • Almost every garden has a tree stump that needs removing but when you have a large garden you may have a lot. Removing these with a  stump grinder sure will make that job a lot easier.

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