Troforte Company Profile

Episode: 2
Title: Troforte Company Profile
Broadcast: Mar 25
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Over the years we’ve introduced some wonderful ideas and innovations and Troforte M would have be the most exciting.

  • Developed with a very clear philosophy: built around feeding the soils microbes and then letting them feed and protect the plant.
  • Australian developed and made.
  • Trevor speaks with Peter Hiscock, who joined the developers, Langley Fertilisers, when he realised the potential of Troforte M to help growers achieve better crops with less chemicals.
  • They discuss how this fertiliser changes everything, why feeding the soil is important and the benefits we receive from using Troforte M and how it works.
  • Just one of a range of revolutionary and environmentally friendly fertilisers the Langley Fertiliser team are developing and have already developed.

P: (08) 9302 1633