Solahart – Sky Rocketing Energy Prices

Episode: 4
Title: Solahart – Sky Rocketing Energy Prices
Broadcast: Apr 8
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

As The Garden Gurus has evolved over the past decade we are getting more and more questions asking for advice relating to the environment we live in and climate change.

  • As climate change has become indisputable, people want to know how they can help at home. Our advice? Look up, invest and save!
  • Australia is famous for our resources but it’s our climate and the enormous amount of sunlight hours that have us questioning why we don’t use more of our sun!
  • Very quickly we realized that we can help our environment by adding solar hot water systems and also help the household budget. Energy is the single fastest growing expense in the household so why wouldn’t we implement these strategies?
  • Solahart has been pioneering solar hot water hearing for over 50 years now, which can reduce your power bills by up to 40%!
  • More and more of us can be taking control of our future energy simply by harvesting energy from the sun.
  • The next exciting step was the advent of batteries – wall mounted systems storing the power generated by your solar panels during the day, holding it for you to use at night. What a game changer!
  • Why wouldn’t you use this innovative technology to power your home? If you want the one stop solar shop, be sure to visit Solahart.

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