Secrets to Gardening Success – Step 5

Episode: 5
Title: Secrets to Gardening Success – Step 5
Broadcast: Apr 15
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Community gardens are popping up all over the place and it’s great to see people coming together and growing their own fresh, healthy produce. Today Nigel visits Sydney suburb of Balmain to visit a community garden that’s an absolute beauty.

  • Nigel speaks to Margaret Vickers, the president of this fantastic community garden overlooking Mort Bay to unravel the secrets to this gardens success.
  • How the garden fertilise is very important and instant supply of nutrients to growing plants is necessary. Mort Bay Community Garden use PowerFeed and Seasol because that gives an instant liquid lift, particularly to young seedlings.
  • PowerFeed is an organically based liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner that you can use on all plants including natives and edibles.
  • It’s great for breaking down clay soils, it helps retain nutrients in sandy soils and it stimulates soil microbes that help release nutrients to your plants. It’s the perfect thing for above and below ground action.
  • Promotes healthy vigorous growth for all plants including natives and stimulates flowering and fruiting, enhances colour in flowers and fruits.
  • Continue to give plants regular doses of PowerFeed Plant Food four weeks after your have applied PowerFeed with Troforte. If you are just using PowerFeed liquid only apply four to six weeks after planting to give your plants a boost.

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