Solahart – Rooftop Solar/PV

Episode: 5
Title: Solahart – Rooftop Solar/PV
Broadcast: Apr 15
Presenter: Melissa King

For over 60 years, Solahart has been one of Australia’s most recognised names in solar. All systems are designed and manufactured for the harshest Australian conditions with quality ingrained in everything they do.

  • There are so many reasons to go solar. You can reduce your energy bills, increase the value of your home and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Plus you can take advantage of government incentives.
  • Did you know that if you swapped your convectional water heater for a Solahart water heater you could save up to three tones of carbon emissions per year? And if you install photovoltaic solar panels on your roof you can produce your own electricity, put some back into the grid and go a long way towards covering your households energy bills.
  • Now you can even take reducing your energy use one step further and install a home battery that recharges using energy free from the sun and Solahart is at the forefront of the home battery revolution.
  • The lithium iron batteries charge during the day using electricity generated from the solar panels to power your home safely and economically in the evening when the sun isn’t shining.
  • Solahart is one of the few companies that offers the complete solution: solar hot water, solar power and battery storage. To join the Solar and Battery revolution, contact Solahart today and organise your free on-site solar assessment. They currently have great Interest Free options to help you make the switch to solar. And remember it’s not just solar, it’s Solahart.

P: 1300 721 984