Exotic Mushrooms

Episode: 9
Title: Exotic Mushrooms
Broadcast: May 20 2017
Presenter: Steve Wood

The range of mushrooms on offer at the local supermarket is often limited to the common buttons but here at Swan Valley Gourmet Fungi the selection of spectacular delicacies is just amazing.

  • Today Steve shows us the collection of oysters, pink oysters, king oysters, shiitake, lions mane and more. This is a site to behold!
  • Dave Proudmore is the star behind the art in growing these beautiful delicacies and tells us of the differences between the types of mushrooms.
  • The pink oysters are quite a strong flavour often used in salads as well as stir fries etc.
  • We also learn of a mushroom that has been used for thousands of years or medicinal purposes.
  • These mushrooms are grown with no chemicals, just on wheat straw and with steam to sterilize so it’s an all natural process.
  • The pink, white and the king oyster come in the grow kits so they produce about a kilo of mushrooms that’s spread over three crops. Get yours today and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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