Veg Out Community Garden- Seasol PowerFeed liquid All Purpose Including Natives

Episode: 2
Title: Veg Out Community Garden- Seasol PowerFeed liquid All Purpose Including Natives
Broadcast: August 26, 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Mel visits St Kilda's Veg Out Community Garden. This community garden has been around for nearly 20 years, offering a space to be social, share gardening ideas and grow and hardest crops.

  • This thriving community space was once a bowling green, it's not grown to 140 garden plots. It's a place where family, friends and members can reconnect with nature and get their hands dirty.
  • St Kilda benefits from having a community garden as it's a high density living area so people don't have space to have their own gardens and it also gets them out and about.
  • A lot of families and kids are involved in the community garden, it also gives the parents a place to relax.
  • There's a lot of art featured in the garden, which shows that the people around the community garden are also a bit quirky and bohemian.
  • Some of the foliage looks a bit yellow after the winter, so to promote growth Melissa uses Seasol Power Feed controlled release plant food. It's not your ordinary slow release plant food as it is boosted with Seasol, which helps to promote strong healthy root growth and reduce environmental stresses on plants.
  • It's also jam packed with beneficial microbes, which helps to improve soil structure and helping to aid nutrient uptake.
  • The blend is specifically formulated for flowers, fruit and citrus so you get a bountiful crop. Sprinkle it around the dripline of your plants and mix it into the top soil. Make sure to water it in to activate the special microbes.

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