Gardens of Tieve Tara

Episode: 3
Title: Gardens of Tieve Tara
Broadcast: Mar 17th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

We are lucky here in Australia there are some amazing private gardens that are open to the public and Nige is taking us for a real treat today as he visits an absolute beauty.

  • The Gardens of Tieve Tara are located about an hour north of Melbourne in Mount Macedon in Victoria undulate across 7.5 acres talking in sweeping lawns, beautiful lakes, and some lovely old trees.
  • Judith Brand has taken some time to show us around this magic spot, sharing some of the gems of Tieve Tara.
  • Judith has been here for 22 year now and have added trees, shrubs, plants, paths, lakes, irrigation and reticulation, you name it!
  • The gardens are open in spring and autumn, which are arguably the best times to see them.
  • The name Tieve Tara is a Gaelic word meaning side of the hill...and this sure is a nice side of the hill!

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