Diamonds in the Dark Crepe Myrtles

Episode: 9
Title: Diamonds in the Dark Crepe Myrtles
Broadcast: October 20, 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Crepe Myrtles are a truly beautiful plant, able to tolerate both drought and cold. The new Diamonds in the Dark collection will provide an excellent addition to your garden.

  • Black foliage is becoming a gardening trend worldwide, with the dark colours providing a base that will make the brighter colours in your garden absolutely pop.
  • The original Diamonds in the Dark included a variety of colours, such as Crimson Red. This is a plant that looks better as it ages, with the clusters of flowers getting bigger as the plant matures.
  • There is a new collection of flowers arriving this year, with a spectacular range of colours. Purely Purple is both unique and absolutely stunning. The Shell Pink variety features some soft, subtle pinks, while Lavender Lace will fill your garden with a stunning blue. If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, Mystic Magenta has a vibrant hue that will bring your garden to a new level.
  • These plants can be grown as small trees or as large shrubs, reaching a height of 3 metres with a spread of around 2.5 metres. During the peak of summer, they are smothered in flowers which sit atop the dark foliage, and so spring is the perfect time to plant them.

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