Reo Range

Episode: 10
Title: Reo Range
Broadcast: October 27th 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nigel has popped over to Trevors house to lay a concrete slab for his new bench seat. Using White’s Group Reo Range makes this job an easy one.

  • Nigel is using linkage garden edging for the form work, traditionally he would use timber.
  • The key is to hold it in place with pegs, pins or stakes
  • The ground should be level and uniform to ensure even thickness of the slab.
  • Cut mesh to size using bolt cutters and position your mesh within the formwork.
  • Position your bar chairs under the mesh. The mesh should be roughly half way through the slab so for a 100mm slab use 50-65mm Whites bar chairs.
  • Bar chairs should be placed at maximum of 600mm centres.
  • The mesh should be approximately 50mm smaller than your formwork at each edge. This gives good cover and protects the steel against rust.
  • Mix your concrete to the manufacturer’s specification and pour. A normal class concrete mix ratio is 3 parts aggregate (10-14mm gravel or stone), 2 parts concrete sand, 1 part Portland cement. Or you can do 4 parts aggregate, 2 sand 1 cement.
  • Spread the concrete into corners and base using a shovel, ensuring there are no air pockets. Screed the concrete to get the correct depth using the top of the formwork as your guide.

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