Caring for orchids

Episode: 3
Title: Caring for orchids
Broadcast: March 16, 2019
Presenter: Melissa King

Cymbidium orchids make a lovely gift for any occasion. They are the most popular orchid in Australia and renowned for their easy care, hardiness and beauty. But over time, potted orchids and their roots can cluster and clump, and that’s a sign it’s time to repot.

  • In nature, Cymbidium orchids don’t grow in soil, they grow with their roots exposed or covered with decaying wood and leaf litter – so when repotting, always use a good orchid mix that’s nice and open and provides lots of air space for the roots.
  • If the orchids’ bulb is loose enough, you can twist or tear the bulbs apart by hand. But if its root system is very congested it will take a bit of strength, so you might have to cut through with an old serrated knife or saw.
  • Be cautious not to divide the bulb too small otherwise you may set it back and it won’t flower for another year or two.
  • Gently tease the roots apart and get rid of the old potting mix, then cut out any dead or damaged roots away.
  • Make sure each division has three back bulbs, that’s the bulbs without the leaves, and some new growth so it’s completely prepared for its new pot.
  • Once your orchid is nicely settled, it’s worth giving it a feed with Osmocote Boost+Feed Orchid. This unique formula is boosted with Potassium and Iron for bigger and better blooms and greener foliage, and because it’s a liquid it works quickly through the roots and leaves.