Lawn Feeding & Pest Control

Episode: 3
Title: Lawn Feeding & Pest Control
Broadcast: March 16, 2019
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Lawns are a key feature for many household gardens and verges, and there’s a lot of pride and effort that goes into making it look in great shape. But how do you achieve a lush green lawn without the weeds?

  • Weeds are all part of the headaches of gardening and can be particularly frustrating when they dig themselves deep into your dense lawn. The best way to prevent them is by keeping your lawn thick and healthy with regular fertilizing and mowing, plus choosing the right variety of lawn to compete with the common weeds in your area.
  • Lawns start to slow right down in their growth over winter, and that’s when the conditions for weeds become perfect, so autumn is the time to start acting.
  • Lawn Builder’s Weed, Feed & Green Up is a double-action treatment that kills weeds while feeding and greening your lawn, making lawn care just that bit easier. It’s the best solution to preparing your lawn for winter and, at the same time, preventing the growth of Bindii, clover and a variety of broadleaf weeds.
  • It also functions as a fast-acting fertilizer, with unique sources of nitrogen and iron that are highly soluble and quickly absorbed, resulting in rapid greening response.
  • It’s very easy to apply, as it comes in an easy sprayer bottle – simple to connect, and no drips or leaks, plus a side-view panel to see how much you have used. A 2.8 litre bottle will cover up to 180m2 of lawn.
  • There are 2 formulas of Lawn Builder Weed, Feed & Green Up: one is specifically for buffalo, the other is suitable for lawns such as couch and kikuyu. It says it on the bottle, don’t mix them up!
  • Remember, a thick, healthy lawn is much better equipped to out-compete weeds and reduce germination than one that’s poorly maintained.