Getting on top of Weeds in the Cooler Months

Episode: 6
Title: Getting on top of Weeds in the Cooler Months
Broadcast: April 6, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Getting on top of weeds in your lawn becomes particularly important in the lead up, and well into the winter months. This is the time when your lawn slows in growth and the weeds accelerate, so it’s best to tackle the issue now.

  • Scotts law builder has a herbicide that kills sixteen different types of weeds. Weeds such as Bindi, dandelions, flatweed and creeping ocalis plantain. This ensures that your lawn is free of any unwanted plant species.
  • The lawn builder has a slow release action allowing for your lawn to take up all the nutrients, avoiding any excess leak of nitrogen into waterways which can cause algae blooms in any nearby ponds or creeks, having detrimental effects on local marine life.
  • Application of your Scotts lawn builder is easy, all you need is your spreader. One bag of the granular product will cover 250m2 and doesn’t require watering. Just use the first rains to settle it in and let it work its magic.
  • When applying products that kill or control always ensure you apply the right amount in the correct manner to avoid any unprecedented effects.