Hanging Air Plant Feature

Segment: Hanging Air Plant Feature
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep02
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 14th September 2019

The Tillandsia is a species of plant from South and Central Ameriaca, and it’s one that looks absolutely fantastic hanging from the ceiling.

  • There are many different species of Tillandsia, and all have a unique shape and form.
  • These plants are incredibly easy to grow at home – as they are a part of the bromeliad family, you can grow them will all different types of bromeliads. They will also do well in a greenhouse or shade house.
  • These are very hardy plants, and take most of the moisture from the air and requiring very few nutrients.
  • You will be able to create hanging air plants with some 30-60 pound fishing wire. Tie the wire around the plants, using hot glue if you want to. Make sure that the plants are as close to upright as possible. You can then get on a ladder and hang them from the ceiling.
  • Using a Holman misting kit will help to give the plants the moisture they require. Running it for 30 seconds every second day during summer will be more than enough.