Lawn Care

Segment: Lawn Care
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep03
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 21st September 2019

While your lawn may be dormant during winter, the weeds that grow in it aren’t, so you’ll want to make sure you’re taking proper care of your lawn.

  • It is essential that you don’t wait too long to take control of your weeds, as you want to deal with them before their seeds set, leaving you with 7-years of weeds.
  • While you can hand-weed out most broadleaf varieties such as flat-weed and cape-weed, there are some more challenging varieties, such as creeping oxalis, bindii, or onehunga that need to be treated properly as soon as possible.
  • Scotts Lawn Builder weeds, feeds and greens your grass, which is fantastic for the fine leaf grasses such as zoysia and couches, which often brown off during the winter.
  • To avoid your lawn browning off, it’s important to use the correct Weed and Feed. Using regular Weed and Feed on your broadleaf grasses, they will be damaged by the active ingredients in the weed spray.
  • Lawn Builder has a special Weed and Feed specifically for buffalo grass, also working well on couch and kikuyu.
  • Lawn Builder Weed, Feed and Green Up is 45% stronger than most comparable hose weed and feeds. The 2.8-litre Easy Sprayer bottle is perfect for small to medium size lawns, covering up to 180 m2. It features an easy grip handle that will not leak or drip, and the size view panel allows you to check content levels.
  • The nitrogen and iron in the Lawn Builder will help to quickly green your lawn, being absorbed through the leaves and roots. This will help to cover up any dead patches on your lawn.
  • As this is a herbicide, make sure to wear waterproof shoes, long pants and gloves. Do not spray on a windy or rainy day. Once your lawn has dried it is once again safe to walk on.