Cranbourne Botanical Garden

Segment: Cranbourne Botanical Garden
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep14
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 21st December 2019

Nigel visits the Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens to learn more about their rare Australian natives display and a project created to raise awareness.

  • Australia has a unique climate, and its indigenous flora has evolved over time to withstand the stresses of the country’s varied weather conditions. From the cold alpine regions to the arid bushland, these botanic gardens feature some great displays of tough native plants.
  • The Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens are set on 375 hectares of native bush land, 20 of which are covered by Australian display gardens.
  • Meg Hirst and Sue Murphy are in charge of the “Raising Rarity Project”, which is a two years research program run by the Botanic Gardens Victoria and the University of Melbourne. The aim is to look at a threatened range of Victorian wildflower species to see whether they can be grown in containers and gardens, making people more aware and encouraging them to grow them in their own homes.
  • The Victorian Conservation Seed Bank, which collects rare seeds throughout Victoria, has been providing some to the Botanic Garden.
  • Some of the most successful plants are the Craspedia, the Grass Triggerplant and the Brachyscome.
  • These gardens burst into bloom from August to February each year. This is a wonderful place to come and visit to learn all about the rare, hardy and unique Australian natives. The rest of the year offers a great chance to admire the incredible architecture and garden structure.