Bring Your Garden Back to Life

Segment: Bring Your Garden Back to Life
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 1
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 22 February 2020

Home gardens have suffered throughout the long hot summer. Trev has some tips and tricks for bringing your garden back to life!

  • First thing to do is get water back into the soil! Because the soil may be so dry it’s not absorbing moisture evenly, you need to treat the soil the water can penetrate effectively.
  • The solution is a quality wetting agent! A quality wetting agent will need to be applied twice at most per year and can make all the difference for your lawn!
  • Irrigation is vitally important! Dry patches should be soaked with a wetting agent and then make sure the sprinklers are working properly and aren’t blocked.
  • Plants that are dry and stressed, need some help. Simply add water will not be enough. You need to stimulate the system to fuel regrowth with a proper wetting agent like Seasol.
  • The soil is alive with microscopic bacteria and fungi, which are essential for garden health. Adding organic material into the topsoil is one way to boost these healthy bacteria. Using a controlled release plant food like Troforte M will boost the soil with beneficial microbes whilst feeding it!
  • Lastly, apply a thick layer of mulch which will hold the moisture in the top soil, around your plants’ feeder roots and you will see a remarkable turn-around in your garden’s happiness!