The Future: what should we do?

Segment: The Future: what should we do?
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 1
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 22 February 2020

The climate change debate is at times ferocious. Trev considers the debate and what we can do to slow down the rapidity of change.

  • Climate has always changed but never as quickly as it is currently. 60-80% of the world’s forests have been cut down, 70% of the bushland around our cities and similar amounts in the country have been removed for farming.
  • So, what can we do? Planting trees is vitally important. Creating a greenbelt around our cities will keep them cooler and cleaner.
  • Where possible, planting heavy belts of trees around farmland will improve the environment and make a difference in several ways.
  • At home, adding 16 medium sized trees will take the equivalent of 1 family’s carbon emissions out of the atmosphere per year.
  • Lawns are also important as they act as fire retardants in a blaze. If the distance between your house and perimeter trees is covered by grass, you will reduce the fire hazard risk!
  • Did you know, 6m2 of lawn absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere than 6m2 of mature rainforest? Lawns are carbon sponges!