Aerial Layering Propagation

Story: Aerial Layering Propagation
Episode: 8
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 10th October 2020

If you love growing your own plants at home, there’s a fantastic technique for propagating that will get you gorgeous, advanced plants quickly.

  • Look for the second-year wood on the tree or shrub that you would like to propagate. First-year wood is light green and at the end of the branches, while second-year wood is a bit darker and harder looking.
  • Take a length of branch as long as a metre and cut a small section of bark away with a sharp blade, but not completely around the branch so to ringbark it.
  • On the opposite side and further up the stem, remove another strip of bark. This will slow the sap flow through the stem and cause callusing in around the area where the incisions have been made.
  • Apply a rooting hormone to the incisions to stimulate rapid callusing for the best growth results.
  • Pack a moist medium around the outside, like coco peat, using a plant rooting device. The branch will start to produce fine white feeder roots and that is the beginning of a brand-new plant.
  • If you don’t have a plant rooting device, you can get some black plastic, wrap it around the branch with your chosen medium on the inside and tie it off with plastic wire.
  • This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to 3 months, but after that stage, you simply cut the branch away from the parents and plant it into a pot filled with top quality potting soil.
  • This technique works best with semi-hard wood and hard wood cuttings. Deciduous trees are the easiest, but you can do it with all sorts, even natives.