Turning Your Garden Waste Into Gold

Story: Turning Your Garden Waste Into Gold
Episode: 11
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 8 May 2021

A garden shredder will allow you to make use of your garden waste and give valuable nutrients, moisture and carbon back to your garden.

  • Use a shredder to reduce the size of your garden waste before adding it to the compost heap. This will enable it to break down quicker.
  • Oxygen is just as valuable to your compost as the actual ingredients. Shredding your garden waste will allow air into the mix.
  • A good compost can take 3-6 months to mature, so if you start this autumn, then it should be ready by spring or early summer.
  • Shredding your garden waste and spreading it directly onto the surface of the soil provides a layer of protection, insulating against extreme weather.
  • The GHE 150 electric shredder will shred materials up to 35mm in diameter. This will cover the vast majority of your garden waste.

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