Pollen Season is Upon us!

Story: Pollen Season is Upon us!
Episode: 4
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 11 September 2021

If you have ever suffered from hayfever you'll understand that gardening can be a nightmare? Pollen Season is here! So, Sue looks at the best plants to incorporate to create an allergen-free garden.

  • Nearly 20% of Australians are prone to suffering from hayfever.
  • The finer the pollen grains of plants, the worse it is for hayfever sufferers.
  • Large pine trees are some of the worst, their pollen is super fine and are to be avoided for allergy sufferers.
  • Grasses and weeds can also cause a problem. The trick is to not let weeds flower in the garden. Pull them up and turn them into compost before they cause a problem.
  • Soft leaf buffalo lawn varieties have a lower pollen count.
  • Avoid highly perfumed varieties as the heady heights of fragrance can often cause a reaction. Substitute Jasmine for Hardenbergia or the native wisteria, which looks just as spectacular.
  • If you’re allergy-prone, look for plants that are pollinated by insects and birds. For example, Kangaroo Paws, can be grown in a pot or perform just as well in the ground.
  • Ground covers are a perfect insect-pollinated species, with the flowers close to the ground, the ants visit each flower. To get the best flowering and growth feed twice a year with a controlled-release fertiliser.
  • To keep native plants healthy, feed them with a specific fertiliser for natives.

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