Garden Express - Promo Passionfruit

Story: Garden Express - Promo
Episode: 13
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 13 November 2021

Passionfruit is a delicious breakfast topping or snack to have in Summer. Trevor plants a few passionfruit vines into his garden and shows us the best ways to guarantee their success.

  • To grow passionfruit you need three things; good soil, regular water and adequate sunlight.
  • Grafted Black Passionfruit Nellie Kellie is a prolific producer of purple-skinned medium-sized fruit.
  • The oval-shaped Black Passionfruit is juicy and tangy, becoming sweeter if allowed to stay on the vines in Summer to ripen (wrinkled fruit tends to be sweetest).
  • Grafted Panama Gold produces lush green foliage that covers up to 8 square metres a year. Its super large golden soft-skinned fruit with juicy aromatic pulp are generally sweeter than the black passionfruit with around 100 to 150 pieces of fruit a season.
  • The Grafted Panama Gold vine brings the lush growth of the tropics to the cooler southern states. The hardy frost-resistant rootstock of this vine is highly immune to disease pests and temperature extremes thriving as far south as Tasmania.
  • Viewers of The Garden Gurus can receive both passionfruit varieties delivered straight to the door for just $28.60. That’s a saving of up to 20% off.

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