Native Animals in The Garden: Marsupials

Story: Native Animals in The Garden: Marsupials
Episode: 13
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 13 November 2021

Trevor is back at Caversham Wildlife Park to learn how to create habitats at home that provide native animals the right protection and food to sustain themselves.

  • Native marsupials such as bandicoots, bilbies and potoroos may treat your garden as a sanctuary from time to time.
  • The excellent team at Caversham Wildlife Park cares for a number of native Australian marsupials.
  • One way to support native marsupials in your garden is to build a small refuge for them.
  • The aim is to establish a separate area in the garden that provides shelter, for ground-dwelling animals, plant layered habitats of shrubs for protection is recommended.
  • Keep this refuge area away from the places that are used by your family and pets.
  • Domestic cats and dogs are especially dangerous to these ground-dwelling marsupials.
  • Whilst bandicoot diggings can be unsightly, they’re often helping the home gardener control grubs and garden pests. They eat insects, insect larvae, and spiders (including the venomous funnel-web spider) as well as tubers and fungi.
  • Bandicoots are often attracted to forage on watered lawns and gardens where insect numbers are higher than in bushland, and these areas can sustain higher numbers of bandicoots.

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