Hedge Trimming

Story: Hedge Trimming
Episode: Episode 9
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date:  23rd April 2022

Incredibly user friendly hedge trimmer with neat cutting performance – using the AK battery system

  • This is an incredibly user friendly hedge trimmer with neat cutting performance – using the STIHL AK battery system. The HSA 56 can trim a hedge 140 meters long on a single charge.
  • It's lightweight, manoeuvrable, quiet (no ear protection needed), virtually vibration free and it's unbelievably good at cutting hedges. It also features a double-sided cutting blade.
  • Innovative droplet-shaped blade geometry holds twigs more effectively in the blade. Without battery and charger.
  • Stihl HSA 56 and other products are only available from Stihl Dealers
  • Instructions: Hold it up to 10 degrees for optimal cutting results
  • Stihl has a huge range of great battery powered gardening tools, including hedge trimmers like this HSA56 which is so user friendly it makes hedge trimming an absolute joy.
  • The double-sided blades have a clever droplet shape that holds twigs and branches more effectively for precision cutting, and a good tip for you is to hold the hedge trimmer at a slight angle, up to 10 degrees, for optimum cutting.
  • The AK battery system allows you to trim a hedge up to 140m long on a single charge and can be used in other tools in the range. When you’re finished – make sure you give it a spray with the super clean. This will keep the blades clean and sharp.

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