Orchid Care

Story: Orchid Care
Episode: Episode 10
Presenter: Linda Ross
Air Date: 30th April 2022

  • The Orchidaceae Family includes 30,000 wild species, there are twice as many orchid species as there are bird species. From tiny species to the giant 2m long Tiger orchid from Singapore.
  • Orchids have had a 200 year journey from tropical jungles to become our most popular house plant.
  • During the early 19th century Orchid Mania was born.
  • Orchid plant hunters were sent around all around the world to bring home baskets of rare and exotic orchids from the world’s wildest areas for botanic gardens and private collectors.
  • Orchids come in every shape and color from Species orchids including bulbophyllums, coelogyne, dendrobium, paphiopedilums which are also called slipper orchids to hybrids including cattleya, dendrobiums and oncidiums.
  • Scotts Osmocote Orchid Premium Potting Mix is a specially formulated, free-draining potting mix that provides the ideal root environment for growing show-quality epiphytic and terrestrial orchids.
  • Scotts Osmocote Orchid Coarse Premium Potting Mix is a specially formulated, coarse potting mix that provides the ideal root environment for all epiphytic orchids including Cattleya, Oncidiums and Dendrobiums.
  • Scotts Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilizer for Orchids feeds for 6 months. Osmocote releases nutrients depending on soil temperature, ensuring that plants fed when they are actively growing
  • This carefully balanced formula contains increased levels of potassium, iron and other trace elements to give your orchids the nutrients they need for beautiful blooms and greenery foliage.
  • Osmocote Pour+Feed is the perfect solution for feeding your indoor orchids. This ready to use liquid fertilizer is formulated to give orchids the nutrients they need with visible results in just 7 days

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