Holman Grip n Lock plus Thumb Control Gun

Episode: 12
Title: Holman Grip n Lock + Thumb Control Gun
Broadcast: November 10th, 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

It’s that time of the year again… you are starting to hand water, whether its new plants into the garden or filling the watering can up and you’ve probably had happened what I’ve had happen… leaky fittings wasting water and getting you wet… It’s just not right, surely there’s technology available today that would stop this happening, right?

  • Holman are constantly innovating gardening tools and that's what they’ve done with the grip and lock hose fittings, through some re-engineering of some of the basics is why it works so well. Its unique longer tail and sharper barb means better connection with the hose holding it tight to the fitting.
  • The compression ring with super sharp teeth delivers the ultimate join, hanging onto the hose guaranteeing it will never blow off no matter what pressure you have at home. Most importantly this means at the point of joining the tap or the connecting watering gun there are no leaks.
  • The fittings come in either plastic or brass, with brass being the most durable option lasting quite literally for years and years.
  • Multifunction hose guns with thumb control deliver the best possible watering experience. They have the key function settings, the rose for soft watering, the jet for jetting the flat spray for flat spraying and the mister and the bubble function which is completely unique to Holman.
  • Of course the thumb control is the really important thing here, and even more so for the frozen hand, whether the waters cold and you’ve lost feeling or you suffer from arthritis this thumb control gun design makes hand watering easy.
  • With growing season on us, and water being more precious than ever make sure you fix any leaking fittings, replacing them with superior technology, that saves water, distributes water appropriately to plants the way they need it and with the ease of thumb control.

P: (08) 9416 9999
W: https://www.holmanindustries.com.au/