OXY-shield screens and edging

Episode: 12
Title: OXY-shield screens and edging
Broadcast: November 10th, 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Normally when you think of rust it’s a concern, like a rusty old car or roof and that’s nasty and is going to cost you. The Whites OXY-shield screens and edging shows rust as a thing of beauty with its rich, earthy tones.

  • The Whites OXY-shield range is extensive and includes the garden edging which goes in quite quickly and works for straight lines and curves due to its flexibility and is ideal for lawns garden beds and paths.
  • Also available in the range are screen panels which come in some beautiful, new laser cut designs and can transform a plain fence or wall into something special or be used as a feature panel in a wall or for a dividing screen. Basically, anywhere you want some sass you can slap up a screen.
  • Installation is straight forward. Mark a level line and then measure the position of the screws to match the holes at the back of the frame. The frames hang much the same as a picture, slide the panels carefully onto the screws, then check the level to ensure they all line up. A little bit of fine tuning with a block of timber and a hammer will ensure perfection.
  • The rust to speed up the oxidizing wipe the surface and then lightly hose to see it transform in front of your eyes like magic! This amazing process means every piece is different.
  • The rustic patina of OXY-Shield can be accelerated by regularly adding moisture to the surface. The colour and texture of the patina will naturally change over time, depending on its age and the climate

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