Kanga Loader attachment: The Blade Ripper

Episode: 12
Title: Kanga Loader attachment: The Blade Ripper
Broadcast: November 10th, 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Digging can be a bit tedious and tiring with the shovel especially in heavier soils, which is why it’s great to avoid it and use a machine.

  • The front hoe attachment for the kanga packs a mean punch and it’s perfect for digging trenches for services, drainage and footings, holes for large trees, pits or just general earth moving. You get 150mm and 300mm wide buckets and dig down to about 700mm.
  • You’ve got the power to dig deep, reach high, swing left and right and reposition easily all from the operator console with 360 degrees view.
  • The tiger teeth design here come as a standard feature and are can handle the toughest of digging conditions.

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