Indoor Edible Plants

Story Title: Indoor Edible Plants
Episode: Four
Date: 27th March 2010
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Herbs are all about flavour and whilst having a herb and spice garden like this is all good and fine for some, not all of us have room to grow them in the garden; one of the hottest trends around is growing your own flavour pots, a source of particular flavours to suit your favourite meals.

  • Lemon grass, coriander and chives are perfect for bringing indoors and harvesting fresh straight into the dish.
  • If you love the good old roast why not plant some lemon thyme, traditional thyme and rosemary into a bowl? These types of plants tend to need a larger pot size as they spread and grow bigger.
  • There's no limit to the varieties you can grow and it's always a good idea to have three or four bowls going if you use a lot of fresh herbs in meals. You can then rotate them around each week to allow them to grow more foliage.
  • Plant them and let them settle in for a week or 2 then apply an organic plant food using liquid composts and seaweed extracts over the foliage every 2 weeks for best results.
  • The planters will need replacing every 9 to 12 months. Simply throw out the old soil and plants and pop in new fresh plants.

Special thanks to The Outdoor Décor Company for supplying the herb pots, and special thanks to
Renaissance Herbs for supplying the herbs.

Urn107 Oval
Small $120
Medium $160
Large $198


Tall Round Terrazzo
250mm x 270mm $20
350mm x 390mm $60
440mm x 520mm $120


Urn 600 Square
400mm x 400mm $120
500mm x 500mm $160
600mm x 600mm $198
700mm x 700mm $230


Oblong Box Terrazzo
200mm x 700mm $55
280mm x 880mm $99
400mm x 1000mm $210

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