Three Tools in One

Story Title: Three Tools in One
Episode: Eight
Broadcast Date: 3rd November 2012
Presenter: Adam Woodhams

It's always great to have a handy compact tool that can do multiple jobs. Adam road tests a great new battery-operated screwdriver, the Ozito 3.6V Lithium Ion Trio Driver.

Clever Tools

  • Every now and then you have a really tricky spot that a screw needs to be put into - that's where finding screwdriver with a multi-directional head comes in handy.
  • Kitchen cupboards and sheds are often dark and its hard to see what you're doing, however an LED light that you can turn on and off at your leisure will make life a lot easier.
  • Having additional accessories for your battery-operated screwdriver is a great added value feature; look out for ones that include a cutter head. This way, if you need to cut carpet, artificial turf or shade cloth, the job will be a lot easier!

Featured Product
Ozito Trio Driver


Ozito Industries
1-23 Letcon Drive
Bangholme, VIC
P: 1800 069 486