Troforte in a Melbourne Garden

Episode: 8
Title: Troforte in a Melbourne Garden
Broadcast: 11 October
Presenter: Melissa

We love getting advice from our viewers via Facebook, and we love to pay them a visit. In this instance, we received a Facebook message from Brett, Nadia, Ethan and Martin telling us about their beautiful Melbourne garden. We were keen to visit their garden, and to hear about what made it so prolific, so we sent Mel to investigate.

  • It turns out that Ethan, the main gardener in the family, has cottoned on to something Mel uses in her own garden-Troforte.
  • Because Troforte takes care of the soil and the plants, you see benefits beyond better flowering, better fruiting and better growth, like improved drought resistance as a result of strong root development, enhanced protection from disease and increased worm activity. Because Troforte contains microbes you might be wondering how long you can store it for – well the microbes remain active for up to 11 months after you open the tub so as long as you store it in a cool dry place like the garage it has an exceptional shelf life.
  • It’s easy to apply, simply mix Triforte through your potting mix, spread it over garden beds and incorporate it into the top soil or mix the prills through backfill soil at planting time and watch the difference it makes to your garden.
  • Just remember to water the garden after you apply it because the microbes are activated with water

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