Potted Inspirations

Story Title: Potted Inspirations
Episode: Four
Date: 27th March 2010
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Matt Leacy shows what pots to use in different situations to create amazing effect and colour contrast.


  • Whenever potting a plant, preparation is most important. Line pot with a good draining material like gravel, then layer with a filter fabric, and add certified good quality potting mix.
  • A round rimmed weathered pot with ocean rock is perfect for a pointed type plant e.g. Foxtail Agave. It can be featured on its own or placed in the garden with surrounding plants.
  • An indoor fibreglass cylindrical pot would suit a tall and bulk foliage type plant like the Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig), to enhance the shape and smoothness.
  • Although you can't put a square peg in a round hole, you can put a round plant in a square pot. Square pots are ideal for Topiary type plants. Do not fertilise topiary plants until you have trained it to the desired shape. The more you trim the denser the plant becomes.


Featured Product

Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner

  • A soil wetter is the best way to get water to penetrate a hard to wet soil.
  • Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner is the only wetting agent that is boosted with Seasol and really potent liquid composts - so it is also a fantastic soil conditioner.
  • Unlike most wetting agents - Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner also contains a water retention agent to help hold the moisture within the soil profile.


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