Weed Smothering Lawn

Story Title: Weed Smothering Lawn
Episode: 5
Date: 25th September
Presenter:  Neville Passmore

Need a lawn ideal for home lawns? One that can survive dry summer periods with no irrigation? Neville has the answer

Village Green by Future Turf

  • Unlike all other drought tolerant lawns, Village Green stays active and displays an outstanding green colour throughout the whole year. The colour is particularly striking during winter when most other warm season grasses look dull and lifeless.
  • Unlike the soft leaf buffaloes, Village Green can handle high levels of wear including cars parked on the verge, dogs digging holes and kids playing sport. Village Green not only withstands wear but recovers from wear quickly.  
  • Village Green tends to smother out any attempts of weeds invading. This reduces the unattractive look weeds can bring and removes the use of herbicides.
  • Village Green can survive dry summer periods with no irrigation, greening up when rain does fall.

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Village Green Turf
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