Seasol Planting Solutions

Story Title: Seasol Planting Solutions
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 3rd March 2012
Presenter: Melissa King

With a baby on the way Melissa is more conscious than ever about what goes into her body, she’s found a great natural way to toughen up your plants before disease and pests strike… because prevention is always better then curer.

About Seasol Seaweed Concentrate

  • It’s a complete garden health treatment that makes fruit and veggies tough from the inside out.
  • To give your herb and veggie seedlings the best start in life soak them in the Seasol solution of 30ml to 9 litres of water for at least 20 minutes before planting, this will reduce transplant shock.
  • Use Seasol Seaweed Concentrate once every two weeks for maximum results.
  • This product comes in a concentrate or garden hose application. If you have a smaller patio area the Seasol Foliar Spray is ideal.

Featured Product

Seasol Complete Health Treatment
Seasol Foliar Spray


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