Helicopter over White Island Volcano

Episode: 7
Title: Helicopter over White Island Volcano
Broadcast: 4th October
Presenter: Trevor

  • On New Zealand’s north island there’s a very special place called the Bay of Plenty.
  • The Bay of Plenty is home to New Zealand’s Kiwi Fruit Industry and some of the best produce anywhere in the world.
  • New Zealand’s North Island holds some of the most deep, rich soils due to its large volcanic activity.
  • 49km North of Fukatani, by helicopter, takes you over to New Zealand’s only active Marine Volcano, White Island.
  • White Island produces mineral rich nutrients and it also produces a natural source of one of a gardener’s most important soil additives, sulfur.
  • It was named White Island when Captain Cook mapped out New Zealand, from afar the Island appeared white and thus earned its name, White Island.
  • The Island rises 321m above sea level but like an iceberg, it’s what exists under the water that’s incredible, it’s another 450m to the sea floor.
  • The boiling mud on the island sits up to 86 degrees Celsius and comes up between 5m to 500m below the surface.
  • White Island is also home to an acidic lake, reaching around 55 degrees Celsius but it varies as the island is an active Volcano.
  • Sulfur produced on the island comes up as a liquid or gas and eventually sets as a solid.
  • You can take a 3 and a half hour round journey by boat or take the exhilarating experience of flying and landing on the island with HELIPRO.