Gardens Around the World

Story Title: Gardens Around the World
Episode: 5
Broadcast Date: 20th April 2013
Presenter: Susannah Wilson

Susannah revisits some of the amazing South Korean gardens that Trevor and Kim have previously explored. They are planning to head there again later this month to film the new Guru Explore TV show.

Korean Garden Facts

  • Located an hour south of Seoul is the Hantaek Botanical Garden which was built in the 1970's and has 9000 plant species of which over 2000 are native to Korea
  • The garden has 33 smaller themed gardens and houses one of the most respected botanical research centres in Korea
  • Travelling to the most south west tip of the Korean peninsular is Jeju Island the warmest and wettest part of Korea
  • Jeju island is Korea's most popular tourist destination and is home to many fabulous gardens
  • One of the Jeju Island gardens is the Yeomiji Botanical Garden, located in the Jungmun tourist complex
  • The Yeomiji garden features a 38metre high observation platform and a fifteen thousand square metre indoor botanical garden
  • If you'd like to learn more about these spectacular gardens, head to the Explore website at