Growing Well in Greenhouses

Story Title: Growing Well in Greenhouses
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 23rd March 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Growing new plants at home is something we can all do but if you want some success you need to consider the environment your growing them in. If it is not moderated against extreme cold or heat or the humidity isn't consistently good then chances of failure are high and this is where investing in a greenhouse can be a great idea.

Why get a Greenhouse?

  • You'll save yourself a fortune by propagating your own plants from seed, cuttings or division
  • Growing out of season crops becomes much easier when you have a greenhouse. Suddenly summer crops such as tomatoes, basil or ginger can all be at your finger tips over the winter months
  • A greenhouse is a controlled environment, which means no bugs, can get in and destroy your plants and if you're growing lettuce no caterpillars can enjoy a tasty salad before you do!
  • A greenhouse is also the perfect place to grow the harder more exotic varieties of plants and allow for the development of special projects such as living picture frames and hanging gardens

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