New Release Plants

Episode: 3
Title: New Release Plants
Broadcast: 6 September
Presenter: Mel

I love tried and true plants – those varieties that know you can rely on  – but I have to say I’m also real sucker for a bit of new blood – plants that have just made their way onto the market with something unique or different to offer. Because who knows they could just be the next big thing. If any place has their finger on the pulse of what’s hot in new plants its Garden World, so I’m here to check out some tempting new releases.

  • A new Camellia called ‘With Love’ is one of the Sasanqua varieties so it will flower all autumn long. It displays beautiful double soft pink flowers and masses of them. It would make a magnificent hedge, potted display or feature in it’s own right. Best of all you can grow it in full sun or part shade - and with a name like that it would make a great gift from the heart.
  • Now say hello to a relative newcomer, which is really making its mark - ‘The Princess Lavender’. It’s got gorgeous pink (yes pink) flowers. And you can see it’s not a wishy washy pink either, the flowers are a vibrant lolly pink! It boasts a long flowering display too. The main flowering flush begins in late winter and continues throughout spring and into early summer.  It has a neat compact habit, which makes it perfect for borders or decorative containers.
  • Nothing brings a Mediterranean look to the garden quite like Geraniums and boy are they tough in the heat and dry. ‘Big Burgundy’  has a flower colour that is rich, vibrant and quite unusual. It’s the sister of Geranium Big Red, which is top performer so you know it’s going to be a good plant. It blooms for an exceptionally long time from spring right through to autumn. It has a mounded, semi trailing habit so you could plant it on mass, grow it in window boxes or create a euro look by teaming it with classic terracotta pots.
  • Blueberries are nick named Brain Berries’ because they are so high in antioxidants and of course they’re super sweet and delicious. A new variety called ‘Burst’ is an Australian bred evergreen blueberry with a dwarf growth habit  - so it only gets to about 1 m high and 75 cm wide. It has a low chilling requirement so you can have success with it in both warmer and cooler areas. And it produces high yields of extra large berries early in the season that you can harvest over 3-4 months – that’s punnet’s full of sumptuous, sweet blueberries fresh from your own backyard.
  • There have been some ripper new dianthus on the market lately and this one is super special – Dianthus ‘Memories’. It’s got classic white flowers, a stunning fragrance, compact growth and it’s free flowering, with the heaviest flush in spring. Plus $1 from each plant sold is donated to the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia research Foundation.

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