Dwarf Fruit Trees

Title: Dwarf Fruit Trees
Episode: 3
Broadcast Date: 16/03/14
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

What do you do when you’ve filled every square inch of your garden up with edible plants, fruit, veg, herbs, nuts, vines and berries? You start adding dwarf fruit trees into the gaps! That’s exactly what Dario has done here at Jetto’s Patch. See how you can get the fruit you need growing in the space you have.

Miniature delights.

  • Jetto’s patch has around 160 edible, fruit producing tress.
  • Large trees can provide a great shade cover for other plants growing on the ground.
  • Trevor has introduced some now plants to the garden. They are new varieties from Plantnet and one of them is a Blueberry named Burst. It has actually been bred in Perth of all places and has extra extra large fruit. It's a terrific new variety ideal for hot dry conditions.
  • As far as trees go the dwarf Apple, plum, Peach and Nectarine will be a lot easier manage than traditional trees. These trees use dwarfing rootstocks and a special double grafting technique to ensure they do not grow larger than two metres. This makes caring for the trees easy and it stops the need for climbing trees to pick fruit.
  • When it comes to planting these trees its important you improve the soil and adding rich humus to the planting hole makes the world of difference to the trees establishment and performance. A controlled release plant food in the hole and on the surface of the plant will get it off to a great start.