Water Flow

Story Title: Water Flow
Episode: 1
Date: 11 December 2010
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Much of Australia has experienced the worst droughts in history and water crisis will continue to rise. Kim features a simple solution to help us monitor and adjust activity to reduce water consumptions.

Featured Product

Hoselink Water Flow Meter

  • Allow you to monitor how much water you are actually using by measuring the volume of water passing through the unit.
  • It can be easily fitted to a tap or any irrigation line.
  • Small wheels inside the unit register the speed of water flowing through.
  • The amount of water used, is easily visible on the LED display making quick and simple to keep a record.

Ned Kelly Starter Kit

  • Specially designed to stop leaks for good.
  • The unique locking system is incredibly strong.
  • Our Hoselink fittings are extremely durable and will solve your leaking and bursting problems.


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