Growing Bananas

Episode 4
Title: Growing Bananas
Presenter: Trevor
Broadcast Date: 23/3/14

There are plenty of delicious fruits growing at Jetto's Patch-some you might not expect to see growing in the Australian climate. Dario and Michele show us that the best fruit is fresh fruit, and there is no better way to get it than to grow it in your very own garden.

Trevor also had a look at a very impressive fruit you can grow in your own back yard-the Banana. With some patience and perseverance, you can have bunches of this beautiful fruit all for your very own.

  • The Banana is a plant most of us can grow successfully at home and there are some sensational examples of different types here at Jetto’s Patch.
  • After harvesting the trunk that held the fruit it has finished its productivity so it’s time to cut it down and convert it to mulch.
  • By removing the spent trunk you promote new growth and the objective is to select the trunk that will deliver the next crop.
  • The trunk will either produce a crop next year or in some cases the year after.
  • One interesting fact you may or may not have known..the Banana is the worlds greatest herb – a giant that towers over its nearest rival. The flower that produces the fruit emerges from a corm below the soil and rises all the way to the top of the plant.