Spring Succes in the Veggie Patch

Story Title: Spring Success in the Veggie Patch
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 17th August 2013
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

We've just about made it through the cold winter and spring is on its way. Time to get stuck into the garden to start planting out your spring veggies and if you want a plentiful harvest, Chloe's got just the trick for you.

Very Healthy Veggies

  1. What's going on down in the soil plays a crucial role in how successful your edible garden will be. A healthy soil will be sweet smelling, rich in colour and friable. Vegies love a soil that is free draining, yet robust enough to hold just the right amount of moisture and nutrients for sustained growth
  2. In fact nutrient supply to vegies is the key to their health and yours
  3. Traditional NPK boosted fertilisers are great short term but can set your soils health back terribly if they are not applied in a controlled steady release over several months. A poor quality soil with some controlled release plant food thrown on top won't be enough either you need some microscopic help.
  4. The relatively unseen, tiny army of microbes and earthworms are some of the hardest workers in any productive garden because they turn minerals into soluble plant food ready to boost your plants overall health. Applying a slow release fertiliser that contains 24 essential soil microbes will improve your soil and encourage the earthworms to join the party
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